CES 2011: the Latest Apple Trends

CES 2011 kicks off in a few days, and several new iPhone headphones and accessories are going to be unveiled.

Here's a preview of expected Apple related trends.

"Expect the 2011 CES to be a watershed event for wireless iPod/iPhone/iPad speakers thanks to Apple’s release of AirPlay and recent iOS 4.x support for proper stereo Bluetooth streaming."

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Fling: A Good Old Joystick for the iPad

Ten One Design released the Fling, a physical joystick for the iPad. If you like gaming on your iPad, this is certainly worth a look.

"The suctioned joystick is applied to your iPad screen for instant hardware control and acts as a physical directional pad for games like first-person shooters, side-scrollers and space shooters."

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iPhone or Handset?

If you wish you could use your iPhone like a traditional handset, this Bluetooth handset accessory is for you. 

"The brand new MM03i ($150) adds an integrated iPhone dock to the earlier weighted charging base, and makes some nice internal changes as well."

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Looking for an iPhone Radio?

A very useful new accessory by Lingo, allows you to transform your iPhone 4 into a full blown portable radio.

"Known overseas for its iPod and iPhone digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio accessories, Lingo has developed iRis ($80), a combination battery pack and FM/DAB/DAB radio accessory specifically for the iPhone 4"

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AirPlay Wireless Speakers Anyone?

CES2011 kicks off in just a few days, and iHome Audio is going to unveil their new iW1 AirPlay wireless speaker system. It's just cool!

"The iW1 comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, allowing you to place it anywhere in the house. Multiple speakers are supported to play music in several locations and it also doubles as an iPhone dock that allows local playback." 

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Who’s Got the Shortest URL?

Latest trend in URL shortening is companies, like Apple, starting to push their own branded shortened URLs. How long till the first short-URL-squatting disputes fire up?

"Users sharing links to iTunes Store content to Twitter will now see being used to generate the links for their Tweets."

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Need More Juice for Your iPhone Battery?

InCase Snap Battery Case 60 is as close to "just an add-on battery" as  a case can be. Barebones, bulk reduction at its best. Added battery life is not great, but still much better than just the internal iPhone battery. The case is stylish and modern, with a minimalistic look, that wlll fit your iPhone nicely.

"Taking obvious pride in its minimalist approaches to both iPhone case and battery development, Incase has now gone one step further with the Snap Battery Case for iPhone 4 ($60), a deliberate effort to reduce the hybrid of spare power cell and protective shell down to its simplest possible implementation."

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It’s iChristmas Time

Apple is launching its Christmas holiday promotion, where free content will be given away each day during the holidays. Unfortunately it seems this iTunes promotion will target only European countries.

"Apple has announced its annual Europe-only iTunes Store holiday promotion, giving away free content each day from December 26th through January 6th."

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AirPlay Coming To the Mac?

It seems that AirPlay is more or less Mac-ready. No word on whether Apple will ever officially support this, but creating a 3rd party app that streams AirPlay content from iOS to the Mac appears to be easy enough.

"While Apple's AirPlay feature introduced in iOS 4.2 allows users to stream certain video content from their iOS devices to the new Apple TV, users have been wondering if the service will ever be extended to allow content to be streamed to their Macs in a similar fashion."

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Is that a Guitar? No, it’s My New iPhone Case!

It's utterly expensive for an iPhone case. But it's much more than a case! It's actually a tool to transform your iPhone into an electric guitar. With speakers too!

"Developed by Trinity, the Japanese company behind the Simplism line of budget cases and iPod/iPhone/iPad accessories, The Fingerist ($150) is pitched as an "adapter for playing musical instrument applications on the iPhone and iPod touch.""

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