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CES 2011: the Latest Apple Trends

CES 2011 kicks off in a few days, and several new iPhone headphones and accessories are going to be unveiled. Here's a preview of expected Apple related trends. "Expect the 2011 CES to be a watershed event for wireless iPod/iPhone/iPad speakers thanks to Apple’s release of AirPlay and recent iOS 4.x support for proper stereo


Fling: A Good Old Joystick for the iPad

Ten One Design released the Fling, a physical joystick for the iPad. If you like gaming on your iPad, this is certainly worth a look. "The suctioned joystick is applied to your iPad screen for instant hardware control and acts as a physical directional pad for games like first-person shooters, side-scrollers and space shooters." Read


iPhone or Handset?

If you wish you could use your iPhone like a traditional handset, this Bluetooth handset accessory is for you.  "The brand new MM03i ($150) adds an integrated iPhone dock to the earlier weighted charging base, and makes some nice internal changes as well." Read the full article at:

Looking for an iPhone Radio?

A very useful new accessory by Lingo, allows you to transform your iPhone 4 into a full blown portable radio. "Known overseas for its iPod and iPhone digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio accessories, Lingo has developed iRis ($80), a combination battery pack and FM/DAB/DAB radio accessory specifically for the iPhone 4" Read the full article


AirPlay Wireless Speakers Anyone?

CES2011 kicks off in just a few days, and iHome Audio is going to unveil their new iW1 AirPlay wireless speaker system. It's just cool! "The iW1 comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, allowing you to place it anywhere in the house. Multiple speakers are supported to play music in several locations and it