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New Shure SE535 Review

We just reviewed Shure's new baby, their top of the line SE535 in-ear headphones. The SE535 replace the glorious SE530 that brought us so many hours of listening pleasure.

With the new SE535, Shure is improving an already fantastic pair of headphones. The new Shure SE535 are simply breathtaking.

Come read our Shure SE535 review. Click here.

Welcome to the iPhone Headphones Blog

Welcome to the iPhone Headphones Review Blog! My name is Marco, and I am going to review the best headphones that are available for the Apple iPhone and for the Apple iPod.

On this Blog I will keep you informed with news from the headphones world, and will also provide some headphones related tips.

I have two big passions, technology and music. It’s my belief that a great pair of headphones, when coupled with an iPhone or with an Ipod embody these two passions at best: they are a great state of the art tech gadget, and they deliver a thrilling music listening experience.

The market for headphones is vast, and you might find it hard to find the set of headphones that is best for you. This is where this site comes in. I am going to share my experience with the goal of helping you find your perfect pair of headphones.