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Shure Releases New SE535 and SE425 High End In Ear Headphones

Are the top in-ear headphones going to get even better? Shure announced at CES 2010 back in January two new models of their high end in-ear headphones. These new headphones are the Shure SE425, replacement of the Shure SE420, and the new flagship model Shure SE535, replacement of the glorious Shure SE530. The new Shure


Darling, will my Headphones Jack Fit into your iPhone 4 Bumper?

Have you considered one of those nice colored Apple Bumpers, for your iPhone 4? The iPhone 4 sure is a wondrous piece of technology. As Steve puts it: “it’s the biggest leap since the original iPhone”. How about its compatibility with previous accessories... especially headphones? You know you can read everything about the best headphones