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Can an iPhone Speaker Dock Get Any Cooler? Enter the Zeppelin Mini by B&W

The Zeppelin Mini from Bowlers & Wilkins is simply cool! An iPhone speaker dock with amazing modern design, and small footprint. It also got a power light and docking arm that rotates 90 degrees, allowing to use the iPhone both in portrait and in landscape mode.  "Looking for a speaker dock for your iDevice that


Cool Octiv Stage iPad and iPhone speaker system from Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing releases first speaker system for the iPad. It'useful also as an iPad stand, it works with the iPhone, and it's extremely cool! "Designed for use on a counter, desk, or dresser, the Octiv Stage provides a large cradle that can hold an iPad in portrait or landscape orientation, at a number of different


No More iPhone-less Driving

Looking to use your iPhone while driving? This may be what you were looking for. "TuneLink Auto, an in-car audio solution for iOS devices that lets you stream audio to your car stereo using a combination of Bluetooth and an FM transmitter or traditional auxiliary cable." Read the full article here:

AirPlay Finally Going to Grab the Stage?

Not everyone realizes how much of a game changing technology AirPlay is probably going be. As long as Apple manages to implement it its full potential, and go all the way through with extending support to most applications. "Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly responded to a customer email, saying the company hopes to expand the


To e-Read or not to e-Read?

Who wins the e-Reader market? Kindle and iPad dominate, but, not surprisingly, iPad remains most desired device. "While just five percent of respondents said they were very likely to buy an e-Reader over the next 90 days—10 percent said they were somewhat likely—42 percent of those respondents said they were most likely to purchase an